| 1. Humans are Amazing Beings 2. Great things happen when Love guides the way 3. Each of us has unique gifts to give the world 4. Everything is connected 5. Together we can do anything
We are ELEVATE, a little production company on a huge mission. We live to the fullest in Ojai CA., pop. 8000. Positioned one hour North of Los Angeles we're just close enough to play in Hollywood, yet far away enough to create our own game. The game we love most is producing filmed works of art that make us feel good about being human. Our portfolio includes features films, record setting network TV specials, viral media, and music videos for multi-platinum artists. We are totally committed to using the awesome power of movies, music and media to activate real and lasting change - to bridge accent wisdom with modern technology - to share stories that deserve a voice - to champion worthy causes - to amplify the good news of the world - and of course… to ELEVATE!
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19 Mar / 1. Humans are Amazing Beings 2. Great things happen when Love guides the way 3. Each of us has unique gifts to give the world 4. Everything is connected 5. Together we can do anything


Love first
Humans are hardwired for Love. When we give and receive love we’re happy, healthy, generous and creative. We work together. We help each other. We thrive. Lead with Love and let Love lead.

You are amazing
Each and every human is uniquely amazing based on our gifts we came here to give the world. We are divine, miraculous, interconnected beings living within stardust configurations! What gets more amazing than that?!

All Life is Awesome
Every detail, every component, from the smallest particle to the largest galaxy… is a miracle. Every moment of understanding, letting go, growth and evolution… creates something new. Everything known or unknown is part of the great unfolding mystery of Be-ing.

What do we want to say Yes to? Let’s collectively move in that direction! Hearts and spirits guiding the way with Yes as the navigator.


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