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09 Dec / A New Way To Waste Energy




New York Finds a Way to Turn Waste to Energy

At one time, Freshkills Park was the world’s largest landfill, receiving the majority of NYC’s waste. Now, it’s being made into a park nearly three times the size of Central Park, and it will soon include the city’s largest solar energy installation. The proposed solar facility will provide 10 megawatts of electricity, five times what the current largest solar installation produces and enough to energize 2,000 homes. The 47-acre solar complex will increase NYC’s renewable energy capacity by 50 percent. The 35,000 high-efficiency solar panels will be installed and operated by Sun Edison at no cost to the city. The solar installation is part of a larger project begun in 2008 to turn the 2,200 acre landfill, opened in 1947 as a temporary waste facility but eventually growing 25 meters taller than the Statue of Liberty, into NYC’s second-largest park. The solar installation will complement a current facility at the former landfill that collects enough methane to heat 22,000 homes.








Hub Youth Academy

We see the emergence of a new generation of individuals who aspire to work for societal good, yet do not know how to effectively engage. At the same time, we observe the emergence of a new generation of enterprises that create societal value beyond profit, yet are lacking talent in numbers to drive massive system change. Hub Youth Academy offers the opportunity to reduce this divide by building a pipeline to connect young, motivated individuals (18-25) to the social enterprise sector. It will provide innovative social enterprise training – one that is focused on action, collaboration and driven by networks – followed by membership to Impact Hub London, a network of 1,000+ social entrepreneurs and small businesses across London.  This could be the new model for inspiring youth to manifest their own path based on their unique skilset, rather than choosing a pre-fabricated career.

Kristy Petkova from Impact Hub said: “Around the world, young people are asking how they can reduce environmental pollution, improve labor markets and working conditions, influence public policy and disrupt dysfunctional societal systems – Hub Youth Academy is one place to start.”

To read more about The Hub Youth Academy click HERE




elevate in action



Neurons To Nirvana west coast premiere

 Deep gratitude to our co-producing partners Mangusta Productions and our allies of The Source in Venice, CA for hosting the West Coast Premiere of Elevate’s latest documentary film Neurons to Nirvana. The film played twice back-to-back with standing room only. Each screening was followed by an in-depth interactive conversation with psychedelic medicine experts. The highlight was hearing from audience members who have been healed by these taboo substances when all other options had failed them.

With so much interest in this timely subject we’re excited to announce an encore screening of Neurons to Nirvana! 


Hosted at The Source Spiritual Center

January 10th, 2014 @ 7:30pm 

Check out the official film trailer HERE



visions we love



Logan LaPlante: Hackschooling Makes Me Happy

Young freeskier, Logan LaPlante, presents an inspiring speech at TED Talks at the University of Nevada about “hackschooling”. Pulled out of the traditional school system at the age of 9. He began “hackschooling,” an education combing traditional studies with value health and happiness in eight simple methods by Dr. Roger Walsh: Exercise; Diet and Nutrition; Time in Nature, Contribution and Service; Relationships, Recreation; Relaxation and Stress Management; and Religious and Spiritual Exercise. Logan is part of a small but growing generation of kids moving away from traditional schooling. He is not your typical 13 year old–he has taken advantage of his learning and opportunities that have come his way. He may not know what he wants to be when he grows up yet but surely knows he will be happy.






video of the week


Russell Brand: Time for a Spiritual Revolution

We recently shared with you Russell Brand’s latest interviews with BBC Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman and Daniel Pinchbeck.  In the past several weeks, this viral video has been spread far and wide across the internet.  Even though there were mixed reviews about how realistic Russell’s call to action was, the point is a huge audience heard the message.  The pure intention was self-evident in how passionately he spoke his views.  At the very least, he made a lot of people think about the current state of the world, possibly in a whole new way.  This newly released video by The Journey Of Purpose offers an amazing compilation of visuals to meet Russell’s strong words.




elevate recommends



Worn Wear: a Film About the Stories We Wear

Worn Wear is an exploration of quality – in the things we own and the lives we live. This short film takes you to an off-the-grid surf camp in Baja, Mexico; a family’s maple syrup harvest in Contoocook, New Hampshire; an organic farm in Ojai, California; and into the lives of a champion skier, a National Geographic photographer, and a legendary alpinist. It also features exclusive interviews with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard.






community spotlight

 _Shiva Rea C.C. White December 15th flyer (1)

Elevate Wisdom Council member Shiva Rae has a new book!

Join Shiva Rea and “The Queen of Soul Kirtan” C.C. White for a celebration of Shiva’s long awaited book release entitled “Tending The Heart Fire!, and an evening of ecstatic dance.

Shiva Rea, M.A. is a yogini firekeeper, sacred activist, global adventurer and leading innovator, creator of Prana Flow, Yoga Trance Dance for Life, the worldwide Global Mala Project, and so much more.  “Tending The Heart Fire” is a book of four parts, it is an offering of 108 meditations for every-body and a call for us to wake up from the past 350 years of misinformation about our extraordinary heart.

C.C. White has beautifully blended the word of Kirtan with R&B, Gospel Southern Blues, Soul and so much more.  Since the release of her critically acclaimed CD “This IS Soul Kirtan!” that landed on the iTunes World Chart, she’s traveled the World with her vibrant, shaktified, message of hope and love. Audiences rise up in ecstatic dance, and chant with such a freedom and excitement, it’s an experience to behold.

Learn more about the event and purchase presale tickets HERE

Exhale Center for Sacred Movement

245 Main St Venice, CA  90291

Doors open at: 6:30




featured events

One GIANT Mob -The Love Mob December 14th 2013

A LOVE MOB invitation to all the lovers! It’s TLM’s first birthday – celebrating one year of Organized Acts of Love. The Love Mob is committed to inspired action toward global transformation. They are a team of deeply committed leaders in the community that promote love and compassion through organized acts, smaller gatherings to foster community, as well as multi-media and social media efforts.


Everyone is welcome to join The Love Mob.  RSVP HERE for the location of love gathering nearest you!





6th Annual Digital Family Reunion ’13 and 1st Annual socalTECH 50

The SoCal tech scene is on fire. Google, YouTube and others have opened major offices in LA. Incubators abound, and start-ups are emerging once again from garages, coffee shops and co-working spaces across the region. Even in December, it’s going to be hot hot hot!

Who Will Be There? With 40+ community partners and sponsors reaching out to their core constituencies, it will be a mash-up of who’s who in social business and tech. This cross-disciplinary affair ensures a room full of people you just have to meet, including those being honored at the socalTECH 50.

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Skirball Cultural Center – Los Angeles, CA

To purchase tickets click HERE

Elevate community discount code: enter DFR50 for $20 off!