| Doing Nothing May Be the Best Cure to Violence
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21 Jan / Doing Nothing May Be the Best Cure to Violence





A solution to violence in San Francisco school environments…? Quiet Time

So, David Lynch, Russell Brand and Barry Zito walk into a high school auditorium. While that might sound like the start of a weird joke, that eclectic combination of celebrities (surrealistic film director, zany British actor and Giants pitcher, respectively) sat in a San Francisco high school auditorium Monday with 700 students and … meditated. The event at Burton High School celebrated the sixth year of the district’s Quiet Time program, which uses transcendental meditation techniques to help students focus and stay calm despite the stresses of school or home. The program is sponsored by the David Lynch Foundation. Lynch, a 40-year practitioner of transcendental meditation, promotes it in schools across the country. The program is in several schools across San Francisco and has improved attendance and test scores while reducing suspensions, said Superintendent Richard Carranza, who learned the technique last June and continues to use it twice a day. He attributed a 65-pound weight loss to it. What’s happening at Visitacion Valley Middle School, which in 2007 became the first public school nationwide to adopt the program, shows why the superintendent is so enthusiastic. In this neighborhood, violence is all to common. Children growing up in tough neighborhoods naturally mimic the aggression they witness. Often times, this is merely a self-defense tactic. In years past, these students were largely out of control, frequently fighting in the corridors, scrawling graffiti on the walls and cursing their teachers. Absenteeism rates were among the city’s highest and so were suspensions. Worn-down teachers routinely called in sick. It sounds crazy to introduce meditation into such a scene, but Russell Brand had a message for students at a school in San Francisco when he recently attended a Quiet Time session. Brand told the students he “f-ing hated school” when he was their age. Meditating “helped me access something inside of me that I tried to find in many other ways, through money, fame, sex, drugs,” Brand told the students. While the practice has been controversial in the past – considered by some as religious or cultish – it has gained increasing acceptance in schools, with research backing up better student behavior and higher academic performance.








Have you ever wanted to breathe underwater? Triton has officially created artificial gill technology

With the Triton Oxygen Respirator, it might be possible to breathe beneath the surface of the water as if you were a fish. Requiring no bulky tank to keep your lungs pumping properly, this invention of scuba diving equipment is much more ergonomic and organic in design. The regulator comprises a plastic mouthpiece that requires you to simply bite down. There are two arms that branch out to the sides of the scuba mask that have been developed to function like the efficient gills of a marine creature. The scaly texture conceals small holes in the material where water is sucked into Jeabyun Yeon’s Triton. Chambers inside separate the oxygen and release the liquid so that you can breath comfortably in the ocean. Using a very small but powerful micro compressor, it compresses oxygen and stores the extracted oxygen in storage tank. The micro compressor operates through micro battery that harnesses next-generation technology with a size 30 times smaller than current battery that can quickly charge 1,000 times faster.



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Vegas Baby! 

In partnership with our friends at Zappos, Elevate is creating a visual media show for Cirque Du Soleil’s new state of the of the art performance space, LIGHT.  Our imagery will be broadcast throughout the clubs countless projection systems and Jumbotrons. If you happen to be in the area, come join us on Jan 26th for the unveiling!

A LITTLE ABOUT CIRQUE AND LIGHT – Started in 1984 by two Montreal street performers, Guy Laliberté and Gilles Ste-Croix, Cirque du Soleil has expanded into one of the largest entertainment companies in the world. Their unique style and visionary performances have captivated audiences for the last 30 years. This success as a circus has led Cirque du Soleil to try something completely different. They began with the Revolution lounge in the Mirage as an extension of their Beatles themed show “Love”, allowing for visitors to dive into an immersive Beatles themed experience. Next, Gold Lounge, a space reminiscent of Elvis’s mansion Graceland, was opened in the Aria Resort as an extension of the now retired “Viva Elvis” show. Finally, in 2013, LIGHT nightclub was opened in the Mandalay Bay Casino & Resort. LIGHT blends visuals, unlike anywhere in the world, with Cirque’s signature acrobatics and storytelling, and the defining A-list of resident DJs.

Click HERE to check out the amazing LIGHT club and a calendar of events



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Here at Elevate we do our best to stay out of politics, but this woman is worth standing for!

Our friend Marianne Williamson has spent three decades offering a path to inner peace for those who seek it. Now she’s entering an arena in which inner, and outer peace seems in particularly short supply: She’s challenging 74-year-old Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Beverly Hills) for the congressional seat he first won when Gerald Ford was president. It has been nearly three months since Williamson – best-selling author, spiritual teacher, founder of Project Angel Food, international lecturer — announced her candidacy at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, an art deco movie palace that once served as home to her spiritual lectures. Ever since her 1997 book, Healing the Soul of America, in which she asked, “How do we make spirituality relevant to politics?” Williamson has inched toward a political crossover moment. She and Fisher went to Washington in 2005 to help then-Congressman Dennis Kucinich lobby for a Department of Peace, whose mandate would include training international peacekeepers, rehabilitating ex-prisoners and preventing domestic violence. With growing support for the campaign, election projections are starting to surface.  To win, Williamson must create a movement, a whirlwind of a campaign that inspires the same kind of passion and volunteerism that drove the Center for Living and Project Angel Food to such stunning successes. Now is the time to share your voice, and a show of support for this amazing thought leader.

You can track campaign updates and event listings for speaking engagements with Marianne Williamson in your community by clicking HERE



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Remember How We Forgot — Shane Koyczan and Hannah Epperson

Powerfully engaging and authentic in attitude, Shane’s explorations are relevant to our times in the way that Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen were to theirs. But unlike the musicians that he’s often compared to, poets rarely infiltrate pop culture. Shane emerges in a new wave of 21st century poetry that dares to belong to the people and speak directly to them in their own voice.”



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Seven Days: A story 

In April of 1968, seven days changed fair housing forever. We are constantly moving towards a more unified world where equality is just the standard of living. To look back even just a few decades, we can see how far our society has come. This video tells an important story about Martin Luther King Jr. and one of the most important civil rights struggles in our nation’s history.



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Magic Giant – Life Is Beautiful Recap

Like a banjo player and a DJ rocking a club show in a barn, Magic Giant embraces its modern-day hodgepodge of cultural and musical backgrounds. Hailing from Washington DC, Nashville, and Korea, and uniting in Los Angeles, the group recently debuted their sound at festivals such as Sweetlife—headlined by Phoenix, Passion Pit, and Kendrick Lamar—and Life Is Beautiful, headlined by Kings of Leon, TheKillers, and Imagine Dragons. From the melodic influence of 90’s radio, to the twang of the South, to the progressive sounds of modern dance music, the group has evolved into an electronic folk band that includes producer and songwriter Austin Bis on lead vocals, synthesizer and guitar; songwriter, mandolin, fiddle, and banjo player John Zambricki; and drummer and DJ, AJK. The band has been featured on media outlets ranging from NBC News to The Washington Post and is currently self-producing their debut EP.

Check out Magic Giant’s website HERE for a download of their hit single Glass Heart. For every 5000 SoundCloud listens they’re giving a music lesson to a public school student in LA.




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Don’t miss this weekend workshop with Paul Selig!

Best-selling Author, Empath and Conscious Channel , Paul Selig is hosting a weekend workshop in LA. Recently featured in New York Magazine as New York’s top Clairvoyant he will be hosting a weekend workshop in Topanga. Paul is author of the bestselling channeled texts I AM THE WORD, THE BOOK OF LOVE AND CREATION and the newly released title THE BOOK OF KNOWING AND WORTH. Paul teaches at Esalen Institute, the Omega Institute and the Kripalu Center and he was recently featured on the documentary series The uneXplained on the A&E/BIO channel.

For more information about this workshop please click HERE

Friday Jan 24th 7pm-9pm, Saturday Jan 25th 10am-5pm & Sunday Jan 26th from 9:30-12pm

The 1909 Center
1909 North Topanga Canyon Blvd
Topanga, CA 90290