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We are ELEVATE, a little production company on a huge mission. We live to the fullest in Ojai CA., pop. 8000. Positioned one hour North of Los Angeles we're just close enough to play in Hollywood, yet far away enough to create our own game. The game we love most is producing filmed works of art that make us feel good about being human. Our portfolio includes features films, record setting network TV specials, viral media, and music videos for multi-platinum artists. We are totally committed to using the awesome power of movies, music and media to activate real and lasting change - to bridge accent wisdom with modern technology - to share stories that deserve a voice - to champion worthy causes - to amplify the good news of the world - and of course… to ELEVATE!
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25 Feb / That’s How to Use Celebrity Power…



At 33 years young, Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is using his celebrity power in the most awesome way! 

We’ve been tracking this project for a couple of years now. Though the odds were against them, they’ve done it! We’re making this our top story this week as this project and the people behind it exemplifies the heart of why we do what we do here at Elevate. We highly recommend tuning into this innovated new series. It’s a game changer! 

The whole hitRECord project – an open collaborative production company – is the brainchild of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who hosts the show, and his brother, Daniel, who passed away in 2010. After years of planning and plotting, creating and crafting, the time finally came for hitRECord to step into the world of television via Pivot TV. Many collaboratively produced books, short films, and records have come out of hitRECord. But for Gordon-Levitt, the collaborations were always headed in a singular direction – TV: “If I could do anything, this is it.” Each episode of hitRECord on TV centers on a theme, with the first being “The Number One,” of course (see the episode below). What follows are segments created by collaborators from all over the world. The first act, for instance, is an animated short story. The writer is from the U.S., the voiceover artist is from Scotland, and the animators, musicians, and editors are from all over. More than 1,400 contributors threw their hats into this one ring. 







This invention is changing the water game

Over one sixth of the world’s population is without clean water – that’s around one billion people suffering from malnutrition at this very moment. Water.org states that 3.4 million people die each year from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related issues, and about 6000 children die every day for the same reason, hence this issue can be considered one of, if not the, greatest current global crises. Safe water interventions are thus the most urgent international dialogues as these technologies have the ability to transform the lives of millions, especially in developing countries. Enter the LifeStraw, a powerful yet compact and simple water filtration system which may be the solution to world’s water emergency. Its body is tubular in shape, extending 25cm long and 29mm in diameter. How it works is simple: place one end of the tube into water and suck from the other end, that’s it. Positive test results have been achieved on tap, turbid and saline water against common waterborne bacteria such as Salmonella, Shigella, Enterococcus and Staphylococci. Each straw has a life-time of 1000 liters, that’s over one year worth of water consumption for one person. With all this in mind, one would think this system rings in heavy on the wallet. However, Vestergaard Frandsen made the cost of this technology its main feature, placing the LifeStraw at a price of only $20 USD. His main goal was for it to be affordable and accessible to people in developing countries. This technology is winning awards for a reason. Through people’s donations the LifeStraw has the ability to make history. Please visit their website for more information and join the movement that’s saving lives all around the globe! 

To learn more about LifeStraw click HERE



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Be Brave Update: Just when we thought we were on the home stretch… You’ll never believe what we discovered!

As most of our friends and supporters who have been following the progress of our movie Be Brave know, we were just reaching the point in post-production called “picture lock.” What that means is that once the edit is declared final, the project is locked visually to insure that whatever sound work is done remains in sync with picture. Probably more info than you needed to know, but we love sharing.

Last week we received an email from Tanya, mother of Dan Northcott (the main subject of Be Brave), in which she dropped an unexpected love bomb. We’ve been working on this movie for two solid years now, so we’ve been through all of the 1100 hours of footage left by Dan. In fact, we’ve seen it all more than once as we’ve been desperately searching for images and tapes that Dan refers to in notes, none of which we’ve been able to locate. So Tanya says, “we just found dozens of lost tapes in our storage unit!”

Our first reaction was, “Nooooooo! This can’t be happening! We’re nearly finished!” etc.. But once we let it all out a big collective smile spread over the Elevate labs. We began to fantasize about what we might find on these tapes. Could they provide clues and even answers to some of the mysteries yet unsolved? Suddenly, we were giddy with excitement. We ordered the tapes to be shipped pronto from Canada.

A few days later a very BIG box arrived. As we opened it we knew by sight that we had nearly 200 tapes! The moment our editor re-gained consciousness we began transferring the footage into our systems. Stay tuned as we discover what’s on these tapes!

Love, The Be Brave/Elevate Team





Have dinner with Elevate, and contribute to something very worthwhile. One night only. Tickets are almost gone!

The Unstoppable Gala is an event we never miss! Last year, for the first time Elevate sponsored a table and invited our community to join us. We had a blast and everyone left completely high on inspiration! If you would like to join us for what will be a deeply inspirational evening, purchase your tickets now directly from the Unstoppable site listed on the link below. Due to the popularity of the event, this time we only have 10 seats available at the Elevate table. They will go fast! Reserve yours now! Come see why people are calling it “The Oscars of Transformation.”  Your participation and generosity at the GALA will go towards helping the Unstoppable Foundation to expand their mission and ability to achieve their goal of bringing education to an additional 5,000 children in 2014. Let’s see what we can create together for these children. We look forward to spending a magical evening with you! Please do let your friends and colleagues know about the event. They’ll be glad you did! 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Unstoppable mission. We are in full support of this amazing team and the work they’re doing. Let’s get elevated together! Hope to see you there!




P.S. (Gala ticket prices go up March 1, 2014)

Saturday, March 15th
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles, CA. 

Buy your ticket HERE and list ELEVATE as your “Table Captain” when checking out.



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Meet Sevenly, another elevated company making headlines for putting People over Profit

There was singing and dancing in the hospital room after Loic came out of surgery. He sat on the bed with his legs in hard casts stretching out in front of him, while his mom joined a roomful of doctors and nurses clapping and singing a traditional African song. The joy in the room starkly contrasted the tension only moments before, when Loic’s mom released her son’s hand and waited to hear if he would be able to walk and run again.

Just months earlier, Brent Murray was scrolling through Facebook in snowy Winnipeg, Canada, over 7,000 miles away, when he came across Sevenly’s weekly campaign to support Mercy Ships, an organization that uses hospital ships to provide free healthcare services to people without access. Brent had been born with club feet, and wouldn’t be able to walk today if he hadn’t had surgery when he was six months old. When he saw Sevenly’s campaign, he thought of children who were just like him, but didn’t have access to surgery. For Brent, seeing the story on Facebook resulted in him buying a shirt and participating in the campaign. For Loic, sharing the story on Facebook resulted in him being able to walk again.

It makes you think twice about what you share on Facebook, doesn’t it? Spreading the word about good in the world can, in fact, change the world.

Facebook builds a social network that ends up connecting us with people outside of our neighborhoods, across the globe, and with surprisingly similar life stories. When Facebook reached 5 million members and launched Facebook Stories, they began gathering thousands of accounts of the ways Facebook is impacting people’s lives. They discovered a network that has moved beyond dating, to raising awareness about every day injustices and humanitarian crises. Sharing really does mean caring. Think about it, your next Facebook share could change an actual life, like Loic’s.=

Watch this video. It’s one of ten videos featured on Facebook Stories for Facebook’s 10thanniversary.  



video of the week



No giggly gossip here. These women are in deep dialogue about a subject that affects us all

One of the latest productions from SoulPancake discusses what it means to bring femininity to the workplace. Do women need to become like men in order to achieve power and status? Are there ways we can be unique leaders in the world without dismissing or being ashamed of our gender? Find out what happens when you put a bunch of forward-thinking women together in one room.



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They say you can take the kid out of the slums, but you can’t take the slums out of the kid – “They” haven’t seen this movie

A group of teenagers board a bus for West Virginia, leaving the streets of Washington, DC to participate in an ambitious peace education program. For the first time in their lives Mark, Asha, Martha, and Corey play in mountain streams, sing under the stars, and confront the entrenched abuse, violence and neglect cycles of their past. But as they return to DC, each young person faces an unforgiving series of hurdles and roadblocks that challenge their efforts to build a better life. Through breathtaking visuals from street corners to mountaintops, Fly By Light is an intimate exploration of the chaotic, confusing, and emotional journey to rewrite a young person’s future.



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See His Holiness The Dalai Lama TODAY in Los Angeles FOR FREE!!

As a gift from our friends at Grateful Generation, Elevate has a pocket full of FREE PASSES to see His Holiness The Dalai Lama TODAY in Los Angeles! You mean “today” as in TODAY, right now?? Seriously last minute, we know. But hey, one of the main teachings of Tibetan Buddhism is that all that truly exists is the moment of now, right? Maybe it’s time to fully live in the spontaneous moment and drop everything you’re doing, grab your free pass, then head on over to the Western Forum by 12PM noon , and have an enlightening giggle on the house.

His Holiness will give a public talk on Non-Violence and the Effects of Compassion in the 21st Century at the Forum in the afternoon organized by The Lourdes Foundation. The event is today in LA at The Western Forum at 12pm. 

Simply CLICK HERE and your in!