| The most extreme oil fracking fight just landed in our back yard!
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22 Oct / The most extreme oil fracking fight just landed in our back yard!


Now is the time to take action on behalf of our health, our planet and our future, here in Santa Barbara County. We must pass Measure P in order to ban fracking and other oil extraction techniques looming on the horizon. One company alone wants to drill over 7000 new and risky oil wells in our beautiful county! We are the ones we have been waiting for! We have an opportunity to make history here in SB County, the birth place of the environmental movement. We can pass Measure P and turn the tide for the environmental movement, by keeping Big Oil in its place. This is one battle no one can afford for us to lose.

According to the Santa Barbara County Registrar, the oil industry has already poured over $5.7 million into Santa Barbara County to oppose Measure P, the Healthy Air & Water initiative to ban fracking, acidizing and steam injection. Most of it has come from a political action committee that is largely funded by Chevron, AERA Energy, Occidental and Freeport McMoRan.

You can help reach the fund-raising goal to spread awareness HERE


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