| With American’s trust in mainstream media going down the drain, where do we tune in now?
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01 Jul / With American’s trust in mainstream media going down the drain, where do we tune in now?


Americans trust news media less than ever, according to a new poll by Gallup. Confidence in newspapers is less than half of its 1979 peak of 51 percent, while trust in television news hit a new low of 18 percent. Is this due to the rise of infotainment, media concentration or another reason altogether? RT’s Ameera David finds out by discussing the issue with Abby Martin, host of Breaking the Set, and producer Manuel Rapalo.

While these statistics may not come as a shock to you, the question remains, where do people get their news these days? The information age has blessed us with an abundance of resources at the click, tap, or brain wave broadcast (maybe we aren’t quite at the last one yet). The challenge is of course to decipher the mixed messages to find the thread of truth. Credibility is hard-won in the game of news and reporting, because the slightest error can have an audience running. That’s why a new breed of independent media is gaining ground against the corporate giants. Small scale news has a flair of authenticity and transparency that has people at least intrigued . When statistics for news resources are plummeting, a natural fear arises that the world is just becoming apathetic. A population in fear of itself will manifest more fear. So it is of the utmost importance to offer outlets for honest, balanced news and media.


One example of a compelling new model of news broadcasting is the Youtube channel called, “The Young Turks”. You can learn more about their daily news show HERE


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